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i got a headset lol
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The Great Shadow, in its wisdom, did impart unto me, Sieghird, a grand vision.

In the vision the Shadow descended on the world. It engulfed cities in black flames. Cathedrals of the Light fell to ruin. The lamentations of lightsworn went unanswered, as the Light had long become indifferent to the plights and agonies of man. Covered in ashes, the citizenry rent their clothes and gnashed their teeth, knowing the end was nigh. The Great Shadow encompassed this world, and all Light was extinguished.

Surrounded in the pitch black of this despoiled world, the Great Shadow announced "My armies are weak, they must be strengthened. My flock is without devotion, they must be given faith. My world is filled with enemies, they must be destroyed." In utter fear and reverence, my reply was simply, "Whatever you will, I shall see it done." With that, my pact with the Great Shadow was sealed, the only cost would be my sanity should I begin to falter or ever disappoint the Great Shadow. The vision faded and I set upon my great task.

The Great Shadow however had blessed me by giving this vision to another, the devout Shadow Priestess Myrendelle. With this shared vision, I would have her aide in completing this monumental task. Together we would found the Ordo Tenebrae to be the instrument of the Great Shadow, and to carry out our solemn pact made with each other and to the Shadow. With the Ordo created, we shared the vision granted to us by the Great Shadow with others, and we went about the work of the Great Shadow.

As time passed, the Great Shadow did impart a new revelation and promised that the Ordo should soon be granted a great voice to hear its wisdom. So began the hunt for this prophetess that would lead the spiritual hearts of the military masses. It was not long before I came across a herald of one Leahalanie Shadowstalker, a woman so aligned in the Shadow’s will that she had become a seer to her people. She had also had a vision to find a Dark Champion to protect her followers. Thus a bond was formed between us for our purposes were stronger as one than separate. This brought my order into fullness for not only did we have the might of weapon to wield the Shadow’s desires; we had its voice to sing to the hearts of my people and to bring others out of the light and into the blessing of the shadows. 

As time passed, the Prophetess' song brought others to our doors.  It was not long before we were strong enough to be a concern to our enemies.   It was then that the Shadow called me to a much more dangerous task.  While pleased to have been called on this unholy mission, it meant I must leave the Ordo Tenebrae in other hands for the Prophetess and my beloved Myrendelle could not be left unprotected.  It was with both heavy heart and proud measure that I handed the title of Tyrant of the Ordo Tenebrae to the most worthy councilor, Lord Ensarsis Araylyous.

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Fel Oaths Required for Promotion

Eldelia, Sep 19, 11 12:59 PM.
 If you are seeking promotion and have not yet taken your Fel Oath.  You must arrange to take your oath with the Dark Prophetess.
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